Death Away From Home

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Death Away From Home

When funeral arrangements must unexpectedly be made away from home, Grandstrand Funeral Home & Cremation Services will assist you in any way that we can.

What to Do First

Contact Grandstrand Funeral Home & Cremation Services at any of our locations day or night.

Our Funeral Directors will know exactly what to do and can offer valuable counsel in assisting the family to meet the immediate needs of the emergency. Remembering this simple rule will often facilitate the decisions that must be made.

A death away from home may lead to additional expense. The amount of additional cost will depend on the circumstances and the services requested. As your home town funeral directors, Grandstrand's will explain these charges and advise of the various alternatives available.

Through our national and international associations we can contract with other funeral directors throughout the world. They will act as our local agents in the place of death to provide the necessary services to transport your loved one to us. In the funeral industry, funeral directors often provide "trade services" for other funeral homes. Because you are dealing directly with only one funeral home, trade service savings will be passed on to you. We will contract these services on your behalf. Services will include local transfer of remains, preliminary embalming, transfer container, airport transfers, and filing of local permits. Since we use a light weight transfer container, we help keep airfare costs to a minimum.

In states within driving distance, our staff will handle ground transportation, over the road, without the need of a transfer container. Prior knowledge and forethought of what to do when a death occurs away from home can be very helpful to the family. The best advice is to call the Grandstrand Funeral Homes & Cremation Services immediately. We are professionally trained to counsel and assist with all necessary funeral details arising from the emergency.

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